Quick Tip: Be Realistic With Your Schedule

Be honest with yourself! Isn’t that one of the keys of life? I know that you want to get a lot done within the day and meet certain goals, but what good are you doing yourself if you’re not being realistic? If you over-schedule, you won’t meet those deadlines anyway.

Here’s a tip:
1. Make a list of the usual tasks that you fulfill each day.
2. Go through a timing trial period. (Complete each task as you would on a regular day, but TIME IT this time around) Timing each task will help you get an idea of the amount of time you need to set aside each time you complete that task.
3. Use those time estimations to set your schedule. Allow a few minutes of extra time because LIFE HAPPENS.

Let’s be realistic with our schedules and be patient with ourselves. If you know you need ample time for a particular task, don’t wait until the last minute to try to get it done. Save yourself the hassle and stress!

Quick Tip: Your Business Depends on You

It’s very easy to make each and every day about your business and making sure that you are serving your audience. While that is important, you should also take as much effort to make sure that you are okay and healthy. I suffer from work-a-holic-ism, lol, and I work all day every day, but I had to be honest with my self and force myself to actually have a Sabbath Day. It was very hard in the beginning and at times I’m tempted to just jump on my computer, but I stay conscious of the fact that I need some rest.

You need rest too! If you aren’t well, your business will suffer, so why not focus on making sure you’re well mentally and physically so that your business can reap the proper benefits? Your business will not die if you take a break.

Quick Tip: It’s Okay To Decline Your Services

I know the objective is to make money, but wouldn’t you rather have a smooth experience while making your money?

When you get an inquiry for your services, you can tell a bit about your potential client by the way they interact with you. The way they address you to the way they inquire about their needs can help you determine whether they may be a troublesome client. Is your potential client on top of things when you ask them to provide you with specific details? Do they wait for days to reply to you? Are they formal in their speech? All these things should be considered when you are considering a potential client.

Finally, your gut–in my case the Holy Spirit, always lets you know when something may not be such a good idea. Listen to that voice/feeling, and make your decisions along with all of the physical inklings you’ve received. All money isn’t good money. Your peace of mind is invaluable.

Expecting A Miracle

Pregnancy is such an amazing, yet difficult, journey. I honestly think that it would be amazing if everyone could experience pregnancy. Personally, being pregnant gave me such a different perspective of God’s greatness, and how much detail he used to configure creation. When you’re pregnant, your body goes through so many changes. You’ll feel a lot of things, but the process is made up of a lot that you actually cannot see unless you’re viewing it on a sonogram. When we found out that we were expecting, we just had to carry the faith that there was something actually growing inside of me. I didn’t have any symptoms until I was about 2 months in, and that was also around the same time that I was able to see our daughter for the first time. She literally looked like a tiny little shrimp with a circle beating in the upper half of her form. The heartbeat was so strong and fast, and I couldn’t help but wonder how something that looked like a shrimp would grow to become a full-sized baby.

Right away, I downloaded two baby apps that explained the sizes and functions the baby would have after each week, and couldn’t wait until I would finally be able to feel those kicks and movements. I couldn’t thank God enough for such an eye-opening experience. Throughout the first trimester, I had to believe in mind that there was something inside of me because it wasn’t until the second trimester that I could actually feel her movements. Although I didn’t have the physical evidence of Elise growing inside of me (outside of sonograms), I had to change my lifestyle. Everything that I did was with the intention of keeping her safe and making sure that my choices would not affect her negatively. I had to stop eating certain foods and start eating more of particular foods. I became responsible for the gift that was growing inside of me.

In the same light, God is creating and developing something amazing inside of you. You can’t see it right at this moment, but you have to move with faith–believing and behaving as if it is there. It’s important that you are nurturing what you are expecting to receive so that you are sure not to hinder the progress of what He has placed inside of you. God is about to give birth to something amazing through you. That amazing “something” is going to require you to make changes in your life. You will need to say NO to people, places, and behaviors. Know that what you’re carrying is worth the sacrifice and discipline. Don’t squander or fail to properly care for what God has placed inside of you– “its” life depends on it.

Get Out Of Your Own Way!

How many times do we tell God that we trust Him and the plan He has for our lives, but then proceed to go behind His back and TRY–keyword: TRY– to make things happen on our own? How does that always end? It NEVER works out in our favor!

I was reading Genesis today, as part of the “Read The Bible In A Year” plan that I’m doing. Abraham was favored by God and was given the promise that His descendants would be that of the stars in the sky–innumerable. Although God had promised this to Abram, He didn’t believe how that could possibly be because His wife, Sarai, had not yet conceived and they were both of old age. Sarai, then suggested that Abram sleep with one of her servants so that through the servant, she would be able to have a child.

Personally, I don’t know WHAT Sarai was thinking, and I don’t understand why Abram would even agree to such a thing. God told him that he would be the father of many nations, but did he not realize that if God would make such a promise, that He would provide the means for it to come to fruition? Don’t we all do the same thing to God? He gives us a promise, but when we don’t believe that it’s possible based on LIFE’S circumstances, we divert and try to make it happen on our own.

At the end of the day, Sarai’s servant’s child was just that–Sarai’s servant’s child. That child would have never been Sarai’s, so her solution only brought more problems because she went out of God’s will to try to achieve what God had already said He would provide. Sarai’s solution only brought more pain to herself, Abram, and Hagar (her servant).

A lack of faith and patience will cause us to heap unnecessary pain into our lives. Let’s learn to believe God when He says He will do something for us. Keep in mind that this is the same God that created our very bodies with the dust of the ground and yet managed to make intricate functions throughout our bodies. If you know anything about Anatomy and Physiology, you will understand that the human body is so complex, and it’s not anything a man could even come up with. So if our God could even think up the idea of creating synapses that allow our brain signals to reach the various parts of our body through the spinal cord, which part of your life do you think God can’t figure out?? He has ALL OF THE DETAILS WORKED OUT. It’s up to us to believe it and receive it in DUE time. God holds all the power in His hands and our circumstances cannot change what He has already planned for us.

So do me and yourself a favor and get out of your own way! God doesn’t need your help. He has already worked out all of the details.

Reference: Genesis 16, 17, 18:1-15