Put fear in the past & live in your purpose!


What is it?

Year after year, you’ve made resolution after resolution and yet, you’re stuck in the same place. I’ve been that way too, but I’m putting my foot down and saying NO to fear. Fear has allowed us to stay warm and cozy in the most forbidden place that we refer to as our COMFORT ZONE. If you’re not aware, let me remind you that no one has ever succeeded in life by staying their comfort zone. You’ve been in there for too long and it’s time for you to GET OUT! Join the Entre-Mind Challenge and push yourself out of that cozy box. The world needs your gifts, your talents, and it needs you to live out your God-given purpose!

This challenge is right for
you if you are…

  • You’re tired of doing the same thing without seeing new results.
  • You’re ready to launch that brand new idea or achieve that goal.
  • You’re determined to start placing value on your time.
  • You’re ready to live out your PURPOSE!

The details…

  • When: January 15- 24, 2020
  • Where: “Purpose It! Plan It! Execute It!” Facebook Group
  • Cost: $FREE

What’s included?

  • Videos
  • Daily Theme & Lesson
    The theme helps us identify what we are focusing on for each day and the lesson gives you inside information for your challenge that day.
  • Daily Challenge
    The challenges are designed to help you get to the root of your fear and help you overcome theme, implement a plan, and spring into action.
  • Worksheets
    Each challenge comes with either a declaration or a worksheet that will help you fulfill the tasks required.

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Cynthia Akita

The Creative’s Advocate

Business/Brand Strategist | Web Designer | Author

Cynthia has been in business for eight and a half years. She started her business career with fashion design and ventured into web design and business strategy. She enjoys helping entrepreneurs start and sustain their businesses by operating with purpose.

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