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I created this space so that I can freely share with you all of the things that God has placed on my heart, whether in a blog, book, or video. If you don’t know already, Jesus is Lord over my life and His instructions are the only ones I follow, hence the need for this beautiful space.

Creative. Bible Study Enthusiast. Author

I’m Cynthia Akita, and it’s very nice to meet you!

The best word I can use to describe myself is CREATIVE. I was created by God to emulate Him for the purpose of furthering His Kingdom. The best way I do that, is by CREATING, just as my Heavenly Father did and continues to do.

I started out as a fashion designer at the age of 18, while in college. I had such a hard time trying to fulfill my then dream of becoming a doctor. I was doing it because I knew I would make good money, and that was the goal my parents had for me. The issue with that, however, was that it wasn’t God’s plan for me. I was heavily interested in starting my own businesses with the gifts and talents God placed in me.

Now, I am doing just that. I work as a Brand Strategist and Web Designer.

I enjoy helping other creatives bring their God-ideas to life, and I walk them through the process of starting and sustaining their businesses and brands.

I am an encourager and helper, and I love to see people do well and follow their dreams, no matter what. I believe that God gave us all of our various talents and interests in order to influence His Kingdom.

Over the years, I’ve led Bible studies in various spaces, recently including a small group within my church. I’ve written several books, and I’m passionate about encouraging others to be the version of themselves that reflects God best.

I pray that my content and books will bless you.