Expecting A Miracle

Pregnancy is such an amazing, yet difficult, journey. I honestly think that it would be amazing if everyone could experience pregnancy. Personally, being pregnant gave me such a different perspective of God’s greatness, and how much detail he used to configure creation. When you’re pregnant, your body goes through so many changes. You’ll feel a lot of things, but the process is made up of a lot that you actually cannot see unless you’re viewing it on a sonogram. When we found out that we were expecting, we just had to carry the faith that there was something actually growing inside of me. I didn’t have any symptoms until I was about 2 months in, and that was also around the same time that I was able to see our daughter for the first time. She literally looked like a tiny little shrimp with a circle beating in the upper half of her form. The heartbeat was so strong and fast, and I couldn’t help but wonder how something that looked like a shrimp would grow to become a full-sized baby.

Right away, I downloaded two baby apps that explained the sizes and functions the baby would have after each week, and couldn’t wait until I would finally be able to feel those kicks and movements. I couldn’t thank God enough for such an eye-opening experience. Throughout the first trimester, I had to believe in mind that there was something inside of me because it wasn’t until the second trimester that I could actually feel her movements. Although I didn’t have the physical evidence of Elise growing inside of me (outside of sonograms), I had to change my lifestyle. Everything that I did was with the intention of keeping her safe and making sure that my choices would not affect her negatively. I had to stop eating certain foods and start eating more of particular foods. I became responsible for the gift that was growing inside of me.

In the same light, God is creating and developing something amazing inside of you. You can’t see it right at this moment, but you have to move with faith–believing and behaving as if it is there. It’s important that you are nurturing what you are expecting to receive so that you are sure not to hinder the progress of what He has placed inside of you. God is about to give birth to something amazing through you. That amazing “something” is going to require you to make changes in your life. You will need to say NO to people, places, and behaviors. Know that what you’re carrying is worth the sacrifice and discipline. Don’t squander or fail to properly care for what God has placed inside of you– “its” life depends on it.

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