Episode 01: Parenting with Intention (Tyechia Wright)

About the Guest Tyechia Wright has over 20 years as an early learning professional, spending 16 of those years as a Christian child care owner. She has a burning desire to help parents raise children the kingdom of God can use. Sign up to join Tyechia’s email list. Show Notes The Kingdom of God is […]

Episode 05: Starting A Business – Business Plan or Nah?

Show Notes Let’s talk about business plans. Are they necessary? Do you absolutely need one before you get started on your business? So many questions, but they’ll get answered in this episode! Listen and me know what you think. Please feel free to share this with 10 of your friends. Let’s get as many people […]

Episode 04: Making An Impact

Show Notes In this episode, we tackle the topic of “Making An Impact” as we look into one of Jesus’ encounters in the Bible. How can this encounter be applied to your business? Listen to find out! Please feel free to share this with 10 of your friends. Let’s get as many people as possible […]

Episode 03: Branding 101 – What is Branding?

Show Notes During this episode, I introduce you to branding and what it encompasses. Please feel free to share this with 10 of your friends. Let’s get as many people as possible to subscribe to this podcast so that it can reach the world and influence the body of Christ. Please stay connected with the […]

Episode 02: A Parent’s Vision vs. God’s

Show Notes During this episode, you get to hear a bit about me and how I got started. I hope this episode encourages you to see where God wants you to be regardless of the outside pressures you may face.  Please feel free to share this with 10 of your friends. Let’s get as many […]

Episode 01: Delayed Obedience & Perfectionism

Show Notes Welcome to the first episode of Jesus & Branding: The Podcast! During this episode, we’ll be talking about Delayed Obedience and Perfectionism. Many of us face the struggle of not moving when God asks us to move at the specific TIME He wants us to move. We think that movement in general will […]


Show Notes In this trailer, I explain to you what Jesus and Branding: The Podcast is. I also explain the motivation behind the podcast and what I plan to accomplish. Please feel free to share this with 10 of your friends. Our very first episode will be released on May 13th, 2020! Let’s get as many people […]

Quick Tip: Be Realistic With Your Schedule

Be honest with yourself! Isn’t that one of the keys of life? I know that you want to get a lot done within the day and meet certain goals, but what good are you doing yourself if you’re not being realistic? If you over-schedule, you won’t meet those deadlines anyway. Here’s a tip:1. Make a […]

Quick Tip: Your Business Depends on You

It’s very easy to make each and every day about your business and making sure that you are serving your audience. While that is important, you should also take as much effort to make sure that you are okay and healthy. I suffer from work-a-holic-ism, lol, and I work all day every day, but I […]

Introducing: Elise Moriah Akita

Disclaimer: Please know and understand that sharing the details of my loss is not something that’s easy for me to do. I’ve gone back and forth with the idea and discussed it with my husband because it’s a very sensitive topic and delicate situation that we experienced. When we got married, the theme of our wedding was “Unlocking God’s Story”. Part of that story will not always be pretty, but in the end, we realized that we can’t impact people if we’re only willing to share the good times. I’m sharing because I want the individuals who have experienced this or have yet to experience this to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I will share details as I see fit, so please be respectful.Thank you. My husband and I decided to start trying for children during the middle of the year in 2018. We got pregnant on our first try and found […]