Quick Tip: It’s Okay To Decline Your Services

I know the objective is to make money, but wouldn’t you rather have a smooth experience while making your money? When you get an inquiry for your services, you can tell a bit about your potential client by the way they interact with you. The way they address you to the way they inquire about […]

Expecting A Miracle

Pregnancy is such an amazing, yet difficult, journey. I honestly think that it would be amazing if everyone could experience pregnancy. Personally, being pregnant gave me such a different perspective of God’s greatness, and how much detail he used to configure creation. When you’re pregnant, your body goes through so many changes. You’ll feel a […]

God’s Will vs. Our Packaging

While grieving the loss of my daughter, I found myself going through a lot of emotions. One of them was the fact that I wanted God’s will and knew that there was an explanation for everything He allowed to occur but just did not know that it would turn out that way. Many times I […]

Get Out Of Your Own Way!

How many times do we tell God that we trust Him and the plan He has for our lives, but then proceed to go behind His back and TRY–keyword: TRY– to make things happen on our own? How does that always end? It NEVER works out in our favor! I was reading Genesis today, as […]